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Super Fantasy Kingdom is a rougelite city builder set in a relaxing fantasy world. Explore and rebuild your kingdom to bring it back to its former glory. Defeat hordes of enemies with an always unique team of defenders. But be prepared to watch it all burn!

Coming back from a hunt you find your kingdom burned down, your castle in ruins and your wife gone. Now you just have to rebuild everything. Oh, and survive against a horde of savage monsters of course…

Settlers meets Hades

Super Fantasy Kingdom is a unique title combining aspects from different genres. With the base building you make strategic decisions to sustain the defense of your kingdom. In combat you make tactical decisions as to what units you use and how to arrange them. The game is divided by a day-and-night cycle similar to waves in survivor games. A day is pretty fast, you only make impactful decisions and most happens automatically. You explore the world and unlock features there on your own speed. When you die you see your city being overrun and burned down. You may get more starting resources and can try again.


– Very easy building and city management. Just assign your workers and they do the rest!
– Few resources and production chains, but intricate usage decisions.
– Defend your kingdom with a unique team out of over 100 different units each run. Every unit has upgrades and an evolution.
– In the tavern your units feast on the food you prepared during day to level up. It serves as a summary of your performance, connecting combat and base building.
– Explore the open world to progress permanently and unlock upgrades.
– Boss fights testing your builds.
– Character-driven and voiced story that unfolds through the runs, told in short dialogues.

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