Tackle crazy challenges in BROK “The Brawl Bar” DLC

All-action additional content for BROK the InvestiGator. Fight your way through new enemies, tackle crazy challenges, and make new friends!


COWCAT Games is pleased to announce that the positive critical (98% positive on Steam with 650+ reviews) and commercial reception to BROK the InvestiGator has led to the development of “The Brawl Bar“.

This is an innovative additional content, taking the opposite approach of the main game by focusing on the beat ‘em up aspect over the adventure. It offers 60 very varied challenges, new enemies and a story to follow, with an addictive gameplay, providing hours of fun.

“The Brawl Bar” will launch first on PC (release date to be announced) then on consoles including the Nintendo Switch, and can be wishlisted right now on Steam.

BROK the InvestiGator is an innovative adventure game which has been highly praised by players, Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam. The Brawl Bar DLC explores new aspects of the fighting gameplay (80% action and 20% adventure/visual novel) with an innovative and addictive approach to Beat’ Em Up action !

• 60+ varied challenges
• 10 new characters and enemies
• Make new friends in the bar
• Boxer outfit for Brok
• Play as Brok, Graff, Ott, R.J., and more
• Exclusive music tracks, stages & hazards
• Achievements to unlock
• Play co-op with your friends, or fight them in versus multiplayer
• Survival mode
…and more TBA!

Publisher & Developer
COWCAT (Breton Fabrice)
Based in Saint Etienne, France

Release date
• PC first
• Launch window To Be Announced

Steam page
GOG page

• English
• French
• German
• Spanish
• Italian
• Russian
• Polish
• Brazilian Portuguese
• Simplified Chinese
• Traditional Chinese
• Japanese

Tentative Price DLC
USD $9.99
EUR 9.99

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