Tactical Shooter World War 3 Deploys New Season Update Operation Sunstorm


Publisher Wishlist Games and Developer The Farm 51  announced today that Operation Sunstorm, a free update for its popular tactical first-person shooter World War 3, will release on PC this March 30.

The robust season two update features free-to-play content inspired by and set in Japan with two additional maps, new weapons, gear and strikes, and FUBAR, an all-new 20v20 game mode. Additionally, a battle pass with both free and premium tracks will also be released full of rewards for players to earn as they battle throughout the streets of Tokyo.

Operation Sunstorm will have players battling it out in the heart of Japan as they expertly navigate the open shopping strips, narrow alleyways, and side streets of Tokyo’s urban landscape to gain tactical advantages and achieve victory.  This new installment adds to World War 3’s ever-expanding warfront where players face-off in team-based skirmishes by fighting on the ground, driving tanks and vehicles, utilizing drones to survey the battlefield, and calling in tactical strikes for maximum damage. Up to 40 players can battle in two core game modes, Tactical Ops and Deathmatch, with matches fought on a range of stunning, realistic maps.

Players who download the new Operation Sunstorm update will be treated to:


Introducing a new take on Tactical Ops that focuses on infantry battles, with limited vehicles available. Take arms and fight to seize or defend six bleeding capture points in heart-pounding 20 v 20 skirmishes. This new mode is now a permanent addition to World War 3 and features infantry trucks and the new revive mechanic, so players can keep their teammates in the fight if they’re down but not yet out.


The capital of Japan is now a battlefield. Engage the enemy at mid-range on open shopping strips, close the gap in narrow alleyways and side streets, or secure a tactical advantage with vantage points perfect for sniper and DMR duels in Tokyo (Tactical Ops).  Also, take a trip to Shibuya (Team Deathmatch), one of Tokyo’s most famous districts. Once a bustling center of commerce with a thriving nightlife scene, this ward now finds itself in the midst of an inescapable conflict. Players will fight through day and night variants of the map with everything they got to dominate its neon-drenched streets and take back this cultural capital.


Lock and load with the Type 89 assault rifle, the QBZ-191 assault rifle, the explosive PF3 rocket launcher, and the iconic Deagle handgun. Go hard or go home with new Strikes, including the Type X main battle tank (MBT), the Type XVI tank destroyer, and the Bumblebee aerial drone.  All base weapon and strike blueprints are available to unlock for free via the Battle Pass. Additional configurations featuring exclusive decals are available via the Premium track.


Gear up with new Operator Blueprints, including the JGSDF Rikujo JietaiSpecial Boarding UnitJapanese Resistance Fighter, and SBU Breacher uniforms.

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