The day that MMORPG fans have been waiting for has finally arrived – the AION Classic server is now live in Europe!


Gameforge, a leading Western publisher of online multiplayer titles, today launched the AION Classic server in Europe. Free to play and available to all players, regardless of location, this new permanent server makes earlier content from the iconic MMORPG available.

Beginning with content from AION 1.9, AION Classic allows players to reminisce and enjoy the early days of Atreia. Explore this fantasy world by land and enjoy gripping questlines as the conflict between the Elyos and Asmodians rages on, or take to the skies and experience exhilarating aerial combat in the Abyss.

Battle together—or against one another—as AION Classic launches with a huge amount of PvE and PvP content. With PvE instances like Dark Poeta and the Fire Temple, and PvP battles such as Rifts, Dredgions, and Fortress Battles, nostalgic AION veterans and newcomers alike will find hundreds of hours of gameplay to relive or complete for the very first time.

AION Classic will also allow MMORPG fans to play the game they want to play, with detailed character customization options as well as multiple playable classes and specializations. Offering the four original core classes (Warrior, Scout, Mage, and Priest) along with eight specializations (Gladiator, Templar, Ranger, Assassin, Spiritmaster, Sorcerer, Cleric, and Chanter), players can fine-tune their build and design the hero they want with greater freedom.

Uniting all players, AION Classic Europe runs on one, single international server available in English, German, and French, with support provided in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Polish (as with the current version of AION Live). Players will also have access to in-game events available in other AION Classic regions, ensuring that the same, great AION experience is available to all.

Key Features of AION Classic:
  • Polished and Curated Content: The version is similar in quality to version 1.9. The focus will be on a smooth user experience, with extra attention given to balancing and bug fixing
  • (Re)discover Atreia: Adventure through Atreia for the first time or retrace your steps as you explore this beautifully designed fantasy world
  • Take to the Skies: Battle in the air and take part in flying combat

AION Classic will receive further updates in future, adding additional gameplay content and balancing.

AION is a visually stunning, free-to-play MMORPG where you ascend to divinity and fight in a decades long war between the rival Elyos and Asmodians. Wielding divine powers and the capability for true flight, you must bring salvation to your people and restore balance to the vast and beautiful world of Atreia, now shattered by the Cataclysm.


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