The Sci-Fi Cyberbike Boss Gauntlet Gripper is Coming Next Week. Demo available right now


The countdown has begun! Rev your engines riders, the high octane action-adventure game Gripper is almost here!

Published & developed by Heart Core LTD, Gripper will push players to their limits as they seek to traverse fast paced motorcycle tunnels, rip apart towering bosses, and put an end to the sci-fi apocalypse. If you just can’t wait for the March 29th release, you can play the demo on both Steam & Nintendo Switch right now.

Gripper is a sci-fi action title set in a land controlled by rogue AI and terrifying machines. Players take control of None, a cyber biker trapped inside a world on the brink of armageddon. Together with his mechanical companion Cat-Kit, None must face off against multiple bosses based on different stages of grief, in order to save the world and his parents. It’s time to speed through what remains of reality, smashing through any challenges in the way, and upgrading your gear to try and take down the mechanical monstrosity that is Zero.

Key Features of Gripper Include:

  • Grip and Tear Until it is Done: Utilize your Cyberbike grappling hook to tear apart intimidating bosses of all shapes and sizes.

  • Love the Smell of Burning Rubber: Speed your way through intense tunnel riding tracks; dodging hazards and pitfalls at breakneck speeds.

  • Family Comes First: Live through a story of a broken family, and the trials and tribulations of putting it back together.

  • Welcome to the Future: Experience an entrancing blend of visual splendor and synth beat sounds that immerse you in a truly alien world.

Developed and published by Heart Core LTD, Gripper will be available next week on March 29th, 2023 for PC and Nintendo Switch. For those of you looking for a copy on PC, there will be a 10% launch discount for the first week of the game’s launch. Find out more on the official website:

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