The Sound of Horror: Gun Interactive Shares Another Behind-the-Scenes Video Detailing Chain Saw FX


10Gun Interactive—the multimedia development firm behind the upcoming Texas Chain Saw Massacre—is thrilled to share another behind–the-scenes video detailing the process of record audio and sound effects for their upcoming multiplayer horror game The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

The focus of the featurette is none other than the titular tool of devastation itself, the chain saw wielded by legendary horror villain Leatherface.

In the video, Gun President and CEO Wes Keltner—along with Foley FX artist Lord Kayoss and veteran SFX recording artist Watson Wu—explains the inherent challenges in attempting to recreate the original chainsaw and attendant sound effects of the original 1974 film. Featuring brand-new footage from the game and a detailed breakdown of the craftsmanship behind VFX recording, the video provides an intimate look at the dedicated efforts of the Gun team to evoke the authentic spirit of their source material, down to every last rev.

About Gun Interactive
Based in Kentucky, Gun Interactive is a publisher and creative studio for interactive entertainment composed of industry veterans with unique and complementary backgrounds. The team shares a passion for horror and a vision that game development is not just the creation of a product, but the blending of art, design, and technology to produce experiences that engage and entertain players from all over the world. The mission of Gun is to create authentic interactive horror experiences and engage gamers and fans of the genre across a wide range of platforms.
About Sumo Nottingham 
Founded in 2016, Sumo Nottingham is one of 11 Sumo Digital studios, and crafts inclusive, innovative action and racing titles for console and PC. Bringing together industry veterans with the best new talent in the industry, the studio delivered Team Sonic Racing in 2019 and is now working on a diverse and exciting mix of new projects. Developing successful games across all platforms and genres, Sumo Digital is recognized for its versatility, proprietary technology, and creativity across a portfolio of games developed for major publishers.

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