Today The Zebra-Man! escapes from his captors with your help on Kickstarter

The first goal unlocks the game in digital and physical versions on all platforms.


The Kickstarter campaign finally kicks off today for The Zebra-Man!, the retro-style top-down action game, developed and published by Zerouno Games, which aims to bring a hilarious, fresh and absolutely insane adventure across more than 20 levels to our physical and digital shelves on your favourite consolewill be available from 19:00h CET (Central Europen Time) today.

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Steam Deck will witness the madness that the protagonist of The Zebra-Man! will take you on as he rides on the back of a deluxe soundtrack and discovers the circumstances of his kidnapping and subsequent inevitable escape.

Discover with this Kickstarter the different rewards you can access… From digital assests to the Art Book, through the Soundtrack, stickers or numbered illustrations, dedicated… and even a message engraved in blood on the levels of the game for the most adventurous.
The Zebra-Man! will be available in all platforms.
The adventure starts today. And we’re so looking forward to it that, with just the first Stretch Goal unlocked (the one we started the Kickstarter campaign with), you’ll have the game on any platform, physical or digital*.
*Sorry, but we’re not going to be able to do a physical version with Xbox. They’re expensive when it comes to making physical games. But you’ll get it on digital, yes or yes. But don’t worry, we can do something to make you proud too (there’s everything in this world of The Zebra-Man!).
Original Soundtrack
Doom in Hell – Listen
The Zebra-Man! is a hyper-charged action game with brutal fist fights and blood spilling in your wake.
Trapped in a secret facility at an undetermined time, you are a man without an identity. Confused and lost, you receive help from the mysterious Raccoon. He is determined that you kill Alexander Cooper, and will only release you if you agree. Soon you’re caught up intime travel, interdimensional portals and enemies who just want to see you torn into a million little pieces.
But what the f#!% is going on here?
With The Zebra-Man! you’ll have to get out of impossible situations while unraveling time paradoxes and blasting the enemies you encounter along the way who outnumber and outgun you.
With an unmistakable visual style, a groundbreaking soundtrack and your wild need for blood, you will travel through a succession of surreal events that will test your wits and tenacity.
It’s the early 70’s, and some mad scientists have been doing nasty stuff to you for quite long. Somehow, a random cosplay guy with a gas mask gets into the lab you’re being kept and offers himself to help you out.
After many traumas and engrams triggered by the experiments that took place on your body, getting rid of your humanity and sticking to your spirit animal may be your only way out. When a light ray is born in the darkness of despair, it’s kill or be killed.
  • Puzzles. Not the kind that gets you stuck! (Hopefully…)
  • Adaptive Difficulty
  • Karma System. Actions have consequences, right?
  • Live Action Scenes. First rule when working in the Live Action Scenes: you do not talk about the Live Action Scenes
  • Different Gameplay Styles
  • And much more…

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