Tranquil liminal spaces horror title “Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1” is available now


Have you ever felt a quiet sense of unease when in an empty public space? An unexplainable dread as you walk in a room or hall that should otherwise be occupied by other people?

Set within the viral “liminal spaces” horror subgenre, Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1 will break your mind with an oppressive-yet-tranquil setting and engaging interactive puzzles as it’s now available on PC via Steam and!

Andrew Quist, the solo developer behind this title, invites you to find the horror in the familiar and overcome existential dread … or be stuck forever in the ever-looping cycle that is, Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1.

About Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1

In this new psychological horror game inspired by the viral “liminal spaces” horror subgenre (popularized by “The Backrooms” internet mythos), you’ll embark on a journey that has you confused and lost in a sprawling yet unoccupied resort, with a goal to forge your own path to freedom. Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1 exudes mind-numbing dread and scenarios which weaponize a vast network of mundane rooms and facilities — making it the most relaxing horror game you’ll ever play. Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1 exists in the uncanny valley of American architecture — featuring endless carpeted floors and lonely malls. Escape with your life, and enjoy the scenery.

Developer Andrew Quist has drawn an ample amount of inspiration from his Michigan hometown, diving deep into the concept of “liminal spaces.” Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1 is a personal interpretation of the concept, offering unique sequences and scenery that set it apart from like-minded titles.

Key Features of Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1 Include:

  • Explore Procedural Labyrinths: This game is designed from the ground up to make you lost and confused. If you feel like you’re going in circles, then you’re on the right track.
  • Wander a Vast Network of Mundane Horrors: Anemoiapolis finds horror in the familiar — places so ordinary that they cause discomfort and a dose of existential dread.
  • Put Your Mind To The Test: With nobody around to let you out, you’ll have to forge your own path to the exit. Push obstacles and smash windows — whatever it takes to get to the next room.
  • Navigate Dynamic Environments, However You Can: Don’t count on that door being there the next time you swing around. Things aren’t always as they appear.
  • Music Made To Chill: A soundtrack created by JORDANN and Intellifax 42 adds to the mysterious atmosphere players will feel throughout.

Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1 is out now for Windows PC on Steam and, for $8.99, with a 10% off launch week discount.

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