You Better Watch Out – The Latest Gifts and Ghoulish News from Publisher DreadXP


In the December edition of the DreadXP Dispatch, we’re bringing you updates of all things merry and scary. From a festive update for The Mortuary Assistant, a merry Mirror Forge release, console ports, two new voices to catch under Sucker for Love: Date to Die For’s mistletoe, and more.

Here are just a few of the items DreadXP was able to check off its wishlist within the last few weeks!

It’s time to take out your mortician clipboard and check it twice; viral gaming sensation The Mortuary Assistant celebrates the holiday season in style by decking out River Fields Mortuary in decorations themed after the most wonderful time of the year!

In the Holiday Update, River Fields Mortuary trades in the creepy atmosphere of a funeral home for the creepy atmosphere of a funeral home with…Christmas decorations. Along with the lights all aglow, the update includes a new body to embalm, with this particular gentleman sporting a familiar and jolly face.

In addition to the Holiday Update news, we’re absolutely thrilled to share that The Mortuary Assistant received the honor of the*gameHERs Indie Game of the Year award. Developer Darkstone Digital has been in the indie scene for 5 years, and this award is an exciting culmination of all of its efforts.

In case the news ghosted past you, first-person multi-versal survival horror game Mirror Forge is now available on Steam! Inspired by genre-favorites such as Silent Hill and Stranger ThingsMirror Forge blends sci-fi and psychological horrors into a game where players journey through realities constructed by fear, madness, and machinery.

In Mirror Forge, you must travel between alternate dimensions wreathed in darkness that are occupied by terrible, unearthly beings. Using mirrors to cross between these realms, experience a variety of familiar and bizarre environments — from gloomy, narrow apartments to plagued towns, ancient houses, and corrupted science facilities. Mirror Forge currently enjoys a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, so don’t miss out on it!

The holiday season is all about warmth, joy, and spending time with loved ones…especially if your loved ones are gods of chaos and madness. In Sucker for Love: First Date, DreadXP and indie developer Akabaka put the “love” back into “Lovecraftian horror,” tasking you with conducting occult rituals in order to win the affection of an Eldritch goddess in a subversive and bizarre take on the visual novel dating genre. Now, they’re continuing the good tidings with the announcement of two new voice actors lending their talents to the highly anticipated sequel: Sucker for Love: Date to Die For.

Joining the cast as Muu, The Shy Shoggoth, is Katy Johnson! Known for her work in Love Live! Superstar!!Spirit Chronicles, and more, Katy’s skills will help bring the writer of the occult ritual books to life. Also joining the cast is Kirsten Candelore, gracing us with her presence as Rhok’zan, the Black Goat of the Woods. With voice credits from PopSlinger to TinderSkitty, Kirsten’s embodiment of L’neta’s grandmother has us shivering with anticipation.

Enjoy the world of indie horror but don’t have a PC suitable for gaming? Well, we’ve got more good news: DreadXP has opened a new console porting studio! Even better, its first two console ports are available now on Nintendo Switch — Sucker for Love: First Date and IRON LUNG.

Experience the thrills and chills of DreadXP’s games on console for the first time. They’re only getting started too, with The Mortuary Assistant and SPOOKWARE also set for Nintendo Switch releases in Q1 2023.

Wrapping up the dispatch with a neat little bow is Amanda the Adventurer and [I] doesn’t exist — both with planned releases in 2023. Developed by MANGLEDmaw GamesAmanda the Adventurer starts with the seemingly banal task of digging through an attic until players come across a box full of VHS tapes. At first glance, the videos seem innocently childish, depicting two best buddies in an edutainment-styled escapade. However, the longer the videos are watched, the more a creeping, sickening feeling emerges that something is watching back.

An equally deceptive horror experience, developer LUAL Games describes [I] doesn’t exist as a one-of-a-kind combination of trance-like visuals and text-based narrative design. The combination of 2D and 3D perspective through optical illusion gives players a trippy, dreamlike experience while modern “Natural Language Processing” technology lets you naturally type out answers to in-game prompts. Solve puzzles, talk to a cute mushroom, and give commands to the in-game avatar — until the façade starts showing its cracks.

With plenty more exciting announcements coming in 2023, DreadXP Dispatches are truly the gifts that keep on giving. We’ll always fill you in on the frightening and grisly goings on of this delightfully dreadful indie horror publisher, so be sure to do your best to stay on the nice list!

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