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“You are his last hope. The only one who can rescue him. Delve deep into the dreams of Luke Williams, a man diagnosed with depression, unfold the heartbreaking story of his life and prevent him from… fading away.”

Like no other species on this planet, we have been given the gift of being able to feel more than other species.

We were given the gift to think, to decide, to have the desire to succeed, to love and to grieve. In addition, each of us has our own inner demons that we encounter and fight from time to time, some less and some more.

Developer and publisher Filipe F. Thomaz in his game “Into A Dream” perfectly demonstrated the fight against these demons, with demons that have existed and will exist.

Into A Dream is a breathtaking adventure, story-driven game with a platformer mechanics. It surely took me to an unforgettable adventure with incredible story that this game has.

The things that adorn this game are the story, the human interactions, voice acting, the beautiful ambiance and the art-style, and a little less beautiful game mechanics.

Unnatural body movements can certainly be noticed, but again, it is not something that hinders immersion during gameplay. Fortunately, in return we got a well written story that has a very decent elements to it, not only visually, but also melodically.

In the story, you will be in the shoes of John Stevens, in my opinion, a benevolent angel and the last bright spot of a man named Luke Williams. You were sent into his dreams, with the goal of understanding his condition.

The main elements in the game are mostly black, which present Luke’s depressed state, while the background elements are somehow brighter and give that some brightness and ambience throughout the game. Of course, the background elements will also change depending on Luke’s mood.

At the beginning of the game you will find yourself in a dark but yet glowing forest. A dark forest that is alive but brings with it an unusual feeling of calmness. After a while, you will come across a mysterious girl named Anne swinging on a swing she made with her dad. This is where you will first encounter the mechanics of conversation in the game.

You will always have two or more interaction options, which will in some way present your character in the game. Personally, I always told the truth and tried to be as nice as possible. After talking to Anne, you will meet her dad, Luke Williamson, who is a very good person at first glance, but who also carries some secrets with him.

In addition, you are in his dream, and each subsequent dream will be in a different order, which means that the game asks you to put his dreams together in the right order, to understand what he is going through.

The interesting thing about this game is that just when you think you understand what the story is about, a plot twist pops up, so it keeps you in doubt until the end of the gameplay. It’s also one of those stories where everything seems fine at the beginning until you find out that something is wrong.

As with most story games, conversations are the key to game progress. Without them, we would not be able to discover what is happening in the current dream. And in every dream, your task is basically the same, to talk to people about Luke’s intentions and finally, to talk to him. The voice acting is amateurishly done but is good enough for one amazing solo project. Some conversations are maybe too slow for my taste, but again, they are important and also very well written.

The most beautiful thing about this game is ambience. That glowing background with a sunset, rain, snow or even a fog, in combination with a beautiful melody creates a very immersive gameplay that gives us a unique nature vibe, that nature vibe that we are sometimes too busy to see. This solo developer has also made a stunning soundtracks that are active during the whole gameplay. The whole game is compact and very nicely arranged, just the way every game should look like.

In addition to the fact that this game is mostly based on a story, you also have to “put together puzzles“. To cross a certain part, for example, you have to push a piece of wood into the river or maybe jump from a rope to rope, to jump over it.

Of course, each level has a specific task, some more difficult and some easier, it is up to you to find a way to pass it. In my opinion, the obstacles were not particularly difficult and they give the player to think during the gameplay.

There are a lot of reasons to like this game, especially for heartbreaking story & art style. In exchange for watching a touching movie, you can try this game that will give you the role of a man who finds solutions and helps a man get rid of the darkness that haunts him.

The main lesson is that in this cold world, you always have someone who will do everything to help you and let you know that you are not alone, even if it was someone you have never seen before in your life.


  • Good story
  • Nice-looking artwork
  • Stunning ambience


  • Unpleasant game mechanics
  • Boring conversations (some of them)
Game Mechanics
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