King of Seas – PC Review

When you heard the name of this game, you’ve probably thought that it was just another copy of the game Sea of Thieves, but no, this is not a game in which there is constant warfare and where the action is everywhere, it is more of a casual game that you can play relaxed, but with enjoyment.

King of Seas is a single-player, sandbox, adventure, ship driving simulator in which the story is followed by a lot of text conversations at the beginning. As the description itself says, this is a game in which you are going to discover the pirate world, find the hidden treasure, fight or make friends with other pirates. Everything to make you become the King of the Sea.

The game was made by a developer 3DClouds along with Team17, and the full version of the game was released on 25th of May. This game was also released on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch & Xbox One.

When it comes to the story, the story is very simple, you are a child of the King of the Sea and live in a great kingdom, you have the first mission and that is to be a captain and take the crew to another port to do some task and learn to steer a small ship.

However, during the mission, the King is killed by some evil spell, and when you are heading back to the kingdom, you are surrounded by a royal crew who accuse you of killing your father, after destroying your ship thinking you were killed they leave, however, later you are found by Pirates who give you a chance to start a new life and become the King of the Sea like your father.

The game isn’t an endless cycle of discovering new stuff, it’s more of a mission/quest doing game and sailing across the sea requires patience, and you must also avoid bad weather or some traps in the form of sea monsters or the royal crew.

The controls in the game are quite simple, so is the control of the ship (which is also the whole gameplay), the only thing that matters to you is that you know how to change ship speed so it doesn’t crash with objects or other ships, and you need to know how to shoot with a cannons in both directions. The game has a somewhat unusual way, but also interesting to control the ship, in addition, it is recommended to play the game with the controller.

Ship battles can be very frustrating, considering that sometimes you can run into ships with a higher level or be caught by tentacles during the fight, which will further break your ship, not to mention magic and other supernatural powers.

Therefore, the meaning of the game is to grind as many levels as possible, in order to have a stronger ship, but when it comes to the stage when you constantly have to do side missions to raise your level, the game becomes very repetitive and somewhat boring. You can spend hours doing the same things.

The story in the game is promising only at the beginning, when you find yourself in an endless cycle of grading, you forget about the story and simply focus on strengthening your ship. But if we were realistic, could a game in which all you can do is steer a ship or read conversations be any better than what it is?

When it comes to another frustrating thing, it’s definitely opening the map every minute to see if you’re moving in the right direction, yes, the map doesn’t stand in some corner of the screen but you have to open it separately.

When it comes to graphics and simply the whole ambience, I must say that it was done professionally. Unlike other pirate games, here you can enjoy the sounds of the ocean as you watch your ship sail through the blue sea. A very soothing experience.

Another thing I would like to see in this game are visible characters, outside of conversations, because this way there are only buildings and ships that move, and in a way it seems eerie and empty.

A game that definitely has holes in ideas that are filled with simple repetitions of the past to prolong the gameplay, but also a game that lacks a bit to become the perfect sandbox pirate RPG.


  • Nice ocean atmosphere
  • Great trading system
  • Easy to get into


  • No fast traveling
  • Sometimes repetitive
  • No characters to be seen
  • Combat can be unpredictable
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