Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning – Review

In this classic world of RPGs, full of mythical creatures and monsters, immortal heroes who want justice and those slightly less important characters who are there to show you that you are not alone, one can expect only one thing, that this game title is specially for those people who are fans of RPG, the classic one. Classic for the reason that this game is what defines RPG.

A flawless fantasy in which war is the only solution to create peace, and as always, the hero is you, a fearless human being who defies the dark beasts that have come to destroy the peace of an ordinary people, which, as always, is set in a past, a time where man wielded swords, bows and arrows and of course magic. Clichés anyway.

We have to ask ourselves first, what is it that adorns a classic RPG like this? Without a doubt, the question is the innumerable amount of magic, weapons, upgrades and everything that makes your character more powerful as well as special attacks that look cool while used.

Yes, that’s what adorns an RPG, a million ways to destroy a dragon using a certain technique. In addition, of course, a story in which you will determine the fate of your character and other people.

Another charm of RPG is that in every dialogue there are more possibilities and directions in which you want your character to go, which means that everything is up to you. Which also means you’ll be able to go through the game multiple times and rediscover something new in it.

Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning is one of those games that immediately introduces you to the story. Without any delay, you will immediately find yourself in the story of how you are the first successful experiment of a scientist who created theWell of Souls” that revives the dead.

Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning is a remastered version of the first game title called Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, where developers KAIKO & Big Huge Games along with publisher THQ Nordic successfully improved the graphics, bugs & did some other minor improvements.

They haven’t added any major changes to the gameplay itself, which means that if you enjoyed the original game title from 2012, you’ll enjoy this remastered version even more, especially those who can run the game in 4K  resolution since the game now allows it.

From the very beginning, the gameplay hinted at some great adventure. The very thought of going to collect valuable items on the way without even knowing how valuable they really are, will be quite difficult for someone who is not a big fan of RPG games.

For a beginner, like me, it was a little harder when choosing a class, weapons as well as the armor. When it came to choosing armor, I was quite lost considering that there are different types of armor that have different effects.

This game also contains a huge number of side missions, literally at every step you will have an NPC that will ask you for a help for which you will receive some kind of reward. You can choose mainly whether your adventure will be focused on the main task or will you have fun with side missions, and at the same time make allies and earn some gold.

The game divides two peoples, mortals and the Fae race, which resembles elves. The Fae race has learned to manipulate its own destiny and the destiny of mortals, and thus learned to live indefinitely. While mortals still have their doomsday. Gadflow, a powerful ruler of the Fae race, has decided to rule the world of Amalur and the only threat to him is you, a man who has revived and whose only destiny can no longer be seen.

As for the classes, there are 3 main classes into which you can transform your character. The first class is called Might and it contributes to every Melee fight, using it you will have a boost when you use any melee weapon like swords, hammer or other.

The next class is called Finesse and it helps when you use a range weapons like bow. And the last class also my favorite, Sorcery, is useful when it comes to Magic weapon, which, in order to be used, need to have additional Mana, so it is a little more complicated to use them.

In the Destinies section you can use and unlock new cards for these classes, and you can also unlock a mix of these three classes called “Universalist” and it is in my opinion one of the best cards, especially for those who want to use different types of weapons and armor.

As in other RPG games, you will have an LVL-up that allows you to improve some of your skills as well as improve or perhaps unlock new powers. For skill upgrade you get one point each while for power unlock you can get 3 points with which you can unlock useful powers for your class.

In the lower part you will have unlocked special powers, which are used by right-clicking, they are also very useful, but that’s why they need Mana. In addition to these special powers, there is another very strong special power, an ultimate of every character.

This special power is called Fate and it has its own special bar, which charges when you kill enemies. Fate makes you much stronger and is more convenient to use against bosses or stronger enemies.

When it comes to weapons and armor, there are many types that have even more special abilities. In the first settlement I came across, I found a “Special Delivery Chest” crammed with various types of weapons and armor, which were housed there for a slightly easier start.

If you decide to take something from that honor, I advise you to choose carefully and not to click on “Take it all” because you will be overwhelmed with various items that you may not even need.

As for the graphics, it is quite correct for a fantasy set in a flawless world full of adventures, and plus we have in mind that it can now be played in 4K resolution.

In the end, being placed in such a fantasy world, with one character who can control his actions and walk the path he wants, is a real delight.

Definitely something I would play to disconnect from the real world for a few hours.


  • Amazing world and ambience
  • Great number of items/tasks
  • Very decent combat


  • At the beginning I was lost
  • NPC’s can still be heard speaking even if you walk miles away from them


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