Main Assembly – First Look to the crafting and creation game now in Early Access on Steam

Build robots with revolutionary free-form crafting tools and control them through powerful visual programming. Overcome solo challenges or play with your friends in multiplayer. Featuring advanced physics like aerodynamics and robot destruction!

This is Main Assembly, a sandbox vehicle game, one of those titles that allows you to let your imagination run wild. The game features a wide array of tools and options that enables players to produce any contraption imaginable (from motorbikes, cars, and planes to robotic trousers and even eight-legged tanks!)

From today the game is on Steam in Early Access. The game has enjoyed several closed and open beta tests in recent months, which has led to a number of wildly creative robots being built by its passionate player community.

In Main Assembly, developed by Bad Yolk Games and published from Team17, You can spend hours making your own unique chassis. The game allows you to build, design and even program your vehicle. Main Assemblyis further enhanced with an advanced physics and destruction engine, as well as powerful visual programming capabilities that provide players with complete control over their creations.

That means that you can even make an airplane and fly with it. Although the gameplay seems straightforward, there is a lot more to come. Not every chassis will move the same because the movement is affected by weight, dimensions, tires and much more.

Of course, there is also a fun tutorial that lasts quite a long time, but it will teach you the basic things of the game. I have no doubt that people who like games like this will spend a lot of time just to make the vehicle they are currently dreaming about.

The graphics in this game is solid, but there is always room for improvements. In the game whe have also a workshop where people can share their creations and let others to try them.

I personally see myself playing this game with my friends for more fun experience, and I would love to see more game modes.

Now, things that need improvement. First of all, driving chassis in this game isn’t enjoyable as it is when you build them, it’s rather difficult, sloppy, unbalanced. You can easily lose the control of the vehicle by just steering, it feels like you are driving a plastic toy.

Flying with planes is even harder to control. Sound of the chassis can be glitchy, same as with the tires. Mouse sensitivity is kinda slow when you enter the chassis and there are no options to change it. No matter what chassis you use, it will get stuck somewhere. And in the end, the game crash sometimes, but it will save the latest progress you’ve made.

Soundtracks and robot voices are very well made, they bring back the nostalgia of the old Windows XP games I have played as a child. With little improvement, I can definitely see myself playing this game as a kid.

At this time we have two gamemodes in this game, challenges and sandbox.

In the challenges you have to create the chassis that will be able to complete the tasks and find it’s way to the parking lot. You also have to try not to flip over your vehicle while driving through the objectives. If that happens, you would have to respawn where you started and continue with the progress you’ve made. You can even pass the mission without doing any task, but if you like challenges, the objectives are there.

Sandbox is just a creative mode where you can build your vehicles and try them out. You have two maps, Norrland & Flatland, Norrland is a mountainy, off-road place and Flatland, well, it’s just flat land.

In conclusion, I enjoyed playing the game, testing the creativity is always fun and I think Main Assembly has great potential. It would be great to see more gamemodes, maybe some racing mode, more destruction.

With a game like this, the possibilities are endless… In Main Assembly if you can imagine it, you can create it!

The game is from today in Early Access (after open and closed betas). As part of its launch into Early Access, Main Assembly has also received brand-new challenges, two additional sandbox environments, and extra cosmetics for the player’s drone.

We’ll follow the development, so stay tuned for another First Look to this really interesting game.

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