Field of Glory II: Swifter than Eagles DLC is now out


Humankind’s earliest foray into war has been returned to life with the release of Fields of Glory II: Swifter than Eagles on Steam today. The attack of the spearman, the massed use of bow and arrow, and of course, the deadliest weapon of antiquity, the speedy chariot – all take center stage in the latest expansion of the popular historical turn-based strategy series.

The sixth expansion of Fields of Glory II lets players dive deep into the earliest “biblical” forms of combat covering 2500-681 BC, from pharaoh-ruled Egypt to the Sumerians and Akkadian empire. A new roster of units, nations, army lists, Epic Battles, scenarios, and massive campaigns can now be explored in Fields of Glory II: Swifter than Eagles.

To celebrate the launch of Fields of Glory II: Swifter than Eagles, publisher Slitherine has organized an online tournament, pitting the best Fields of Glory II commanders against each other for a claim to fame. Find more details here. Also, the  rest of the Field of Glory II franchise, including Field of Glory II: Medieval and all its DLCs, is on sale on Steam, up to 75% off.

“Swifter than eagles, stronger than lions”
Fields of Glory II: Swifter than Eagles features a historical arsenal and content list centered on the dawn of warfare as encountered in the Fertile Crescent and the Middle East. These include 19 new factions, 46 new units, 66 new army lists, 8 new Epic Battles, 70 new Quick Battles, expanded Custom Battle and Sandbox Battle modes with all DLC army lists, and four new historic campaigns.

Go to war with the Egyptian Hyksos usurpers or defend against chariot raids as the proud Nubians. Lay waste as the Philistines or take up arms first as the Sumerians. Expertly lead the news units, from Gasgan Warriors and Akkadian Spearmen, to Egyptian light chariots. New army lists breathe life into historical fighting forces, from Amorite 2000-1595 BC to Elamite 1500-816 BC, Greek 1179-681 BC, and Trojan 1250-1180 BC. 

The evolution of war is never better showcased than in the new Epic Battles, depicting the conflict at Kerkha River 2272 BC (Akkadians versus Elamites) to the largest chariot battle known at Kadesh 1274 BC (Egyptians against Hittites). Four major campaigns, painstakingly researched, can also be played: Sargon the Great (Akkadian Empire), Hittite Empire, Ramesses II (New Kingdom Egypt), and Shalmaneser III (Neo-Assyrian Empire). 

War through the ages 
The original Fields of Glory II, released in 2017, is based on the popular tabletop board game designed by Richard Bodley Scott. The turn-based tactical title has seen the release of a series of successful expansions, each shining a light into a fascinating new era, such as the rise of the Persians to the fall of the Western Roman empire. With the launch of Fields of Glory II: Medieval in 2021, players can now experience war with any European and Middle Eastern army from the Early Bronze Age (2000 BC) to the Middle Ages (1400 AD).

Fields of Glory’s journey is far from finished. Coming later in 2023, the launch of Fields of Glory: Kingdoms will expand the renowned game series into an all-encompassing 4X grand strategy territory.

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