Paladin Dream – PC Review – Can you stop the nightmare before it’s too late?

Paladin Dream (available for PC, Mac & Linux) is a game title that is brought to us by HitherYon Games, a developer with a life-long passion for RPGs, as he says. And after 4 months he managed to make this classic 2D, story-driven, combat, fantasy RPG.

This short but complete RPG has what it takes to get you in and out of the story in less than 3 hours. The story of the game is quite short, but it allows you to immerse yourself in it until the very end.

Despite the story you follow, the pleasure of playing this game is mostly provided by the art, environment and sounds.

Exploring new places, interacting with people, fighting monsters (in turn-based combat style), collecting items will befall you on your journey. If you are a fan of fantasy, if you would rather avoid reality, and if you dream of heroes, this game is for you.

Paladin Dream

The main character in this game is Josiah, a Paladin of the Light, who set out on an adventure to find a place that he constantly has in his dreams.

But on that path in which the main character set out, he will have to face monsters, bandits, he will pass through valleys and hills until he finds a place.

On his journey, he will also realize that evil called Nazar the Nightmare is back and will try to take over this carefree world.

Your task is to discover the truth, protect people who believe in you and take away evil once and for all.

Paladin Dream

At the beginning of the game, you are the main character in your room, after dreaming the same dream over and over again, you decide to go in search of an answer. At that moment, you are in the Adrielian Abbey, a place where Josiah grew up to become a Paladin of the Light and also a place where all the other paladins grow up and train.

This is where you learn the basics of the game, which are pretty easy and that’s why you won’t stay there long. In the library you can also learn the history of the war against evil called Nazar and how this abbey came into being. Soon you will embark on an adventure with what they say no one has returned.

When you come out of the abbey, you will find yourself in nature, and there you will discover that things are not quite as they should be. It was interesting to explore around, because in games like this, at least for me, the goal is always to discover as much as I can.

I soon found myself in a village on a meadow near the Abbey, then across the enchanted forest to the wicked city of Nazarfang, all the way to the snowy heights to which I will try to find an answer.

In games like this, adventures take me away from reality even though the game is pretty graphically simple. All this experience is complemented by background music that is flawlessly done, and good enough pixel art. Also, in addition to the pixel art, the drawings of the characters are well done, which can be seen during the conversation or in the combat with them.

As I said the combat was made in turn-based style. Which means that after your move, that is, the attack, follows the attack of the enemy and so on until someone is left without health.

In games like this the damage is mostly randomized, in this case, good use of magic and weapons, as well as the use of additional items such as bread (which heals you, but also uses a move) or holy water, will help you kill the enemy. When the enemy attacks, your armor and your shield take effect.

Your first sword, armor and shield you will receive in the Abbey. Over time, your stuff will improve by buying new ones from retailers you find along the way. To buy these items, you must have gold.

Gold is obtained by destroying enemies or by opening a chest. The only drawback of this game is that farming gold is quite easy, since the monsters keep respawning after you enter the same area again.

In addition to making gold that way, you also gain an XP which is used to level up. By leveling up, you will sometimes get a new magic that can be used to heal yourself or to deal damage to your enemies. But you will have to be careful because by using magic you lose your mana.

As for the guide, I didn’t find myself lost in the game at any point, which means it was pretty well done.

Since the game is short in duration, the adventure is quite straightforward, with just a few quests that you can choose if you want to do. But in addition to being short, it contains a very large number of NPC’s, random monsters/enemies.

As I said, the melody in this game has been done professionally. But that’s to be expected since the developer is also a songwriter and producer that spent a lot of time in the game industry.

Together with a professional singer, Mioune, a beautiful soothing hymn of this game called Adriel’s Hymn was made.

To conclude, I liked the game, I think that there are less games like this today, but they certainly haven’t stopped being made, and I also think that they should get a little more attention.

Developer HitherYon has managed to complete the experience of playing the game no matter how short it is, but again, everything that is beautiful is short lived.

Free Demo are available for PC, Mac & Linux.

I will definitely play the game again because I feel like I haven’t discovered everything.


  • Beautiful art and melody
  • Straightforward gameplay
  • Solidly good story


  • Unchallenging fights against most of enemies
  • Easy gold/XP farming
Pixel Art
Music and Sound
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