Quantum League- Be smart, be fast – PC Review

Nimble Giant Entertainment has managed to bring something new to FPS games, something that has not yet been seen, and something that could drive new ideas in the gaming industry.

The game that I am talking about is called Quantum League, a fast-paced, strategy shooter game, that is ready to introduce you to a new adventure as far as FPS gaming is concerned.

The most unique feature that this game has is a Time-Paradox. Every move you make in the first round will switch to both the second and third in the form of a clone! This means that every next round you will have a new teammate who is actually you from the last round.

You have to be smart and fast! Every step will be repeated again, so it must be well thought out. You have to be careful until the very end, because this game is a real example that everything can be changed and reversed in a second.

It is a real pleasure to play this game because it constantly makes you be present and think, and therefore, matches pass very quickly. Faster rounds allow you to progress faster, so if you are fed up with matches lasting half an hour or more, try this game!

In this period of time, the game is available on Steam, as Early Access, and overall, the reviews are Very Positive.

When you start the round, your goal is to kill the enemy and go to the checkpoint. There are 3 rounds and each of them lasts for 15 seconds, which means that there will be a total of 2 of your clones.

At the end of the third round, you must be at the checkpoint to score a point. The game is played first to 2 points.

If you and the enemy are at the checkpoint together, the round is a draw and you start all over again. But the one who was shot was not exactly killed, but only desynced and can move until the round is over, or he can pick up the health pack if the other player did not take it.

Health pack or medpack allows you to heal yourself or either revive yourself if you were desynced.

This makes the game even more complex because in addition to having to be at the checkpoint on time, you also have to deal with an opponent who can get back into the game very quickly.

The game is also frustrating because of that, a couple of times it happened to me that I dominated the whole three rounds, so that in the end the opponent easily picked up the health pack and reached the checkpoint in the last second.

It doesn’t matter at all how many times you throw the opponent out of the game, or how many times they will kick you out, the only thing that matters is that at the end of the third round you are alone on the winning field.

This is definitely something new that we see in FPS games since almost all FPS games are based on who is the better shooter.

As for the characters, this game currently has 6 characters that contain a lot of skins and most importantly, they can all be obtained by playing the game, therefore, without paying. Although, I wish I could create a custom character and buy different clothes for him. That would somehow complete the experience in terms of player appearance.

In terms of game modes, there are 5 of them. First one is “Newcomer”, which is intended for novices. Then we have the casual mode, which allows you to boost your level and maybe play without tension.

When you reach the fifth level, the Competitive/Ranked mode is unlocked. As in other fps games, ranks and more serious players appear in this mode.

All these three modes can be played either 1vs1 or 2vs2. The other two game modes are training or custom. You can practice your skills in training, while custom is more like casual just playing against your friends.

Arenas are mostly randomly selected. The game does not allow you to choose an arena so that they are untouchable but they could annoy you, especially if you play on them several times in a row.

As for the game design, main menu, graphics and sounds, everything was done professionally as expected. Spotting an opponent is not at all difficult, as they have a round number over their head.

The music and the environment (all with the audience) made me think that I was in a sports game.

There are 6 weapons in this game, a Rifle, SMG, Grenade Launcher, Shotgun, Laser Beam, and the pistol that comes with the selected weapon. T

he rifle is a sniper who solves an opponent with one shot to the head, or two hits to the body. That means that you have to be precise when using this rifle.

The SMG is personally my favorite, it’s fast and kind of easy to use. The only drawback is that it empties quickly so you have to be careful.

The grenade launcher is pretty hard for me to use, in fact, it’s hard for any new player because it is inconsistent.

The shotgun is pretty good from any range, it has 4 bullets until you have to reload. And the final, Laser Beam, is only good for close range shooting.

Quantum League is a very modern first-person shooter, as I said, it brings something very unique to gaming community but as every other Early Access game it is still a little bit unbalanced.

I would love to see how the game progresses, and I sincerely want it to become more popular.


  • Time-Paradox feature
  • No microtransactions!
  • Fast-paced


  • Unbalanced weapons
  • Long queue
Game Mechanics
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