RUNE II: Decapitation Edition – PC Review

Developers Studio 369 & Human Head Studios along with publisher Ragnarok Game have decided like most gaming developers today to make a sequel to some legendary game. After two decades, the sequel of this legendary RPG game has come out, and the game I’m talking about is Rune.

Rune II can be said to be a real example of why old series should not be revived, because in most cases the sequels do not meet expectations and can be even worse than the original part.

It is logical that people expect something good if not better when it comes to the sequels of certain games.

However, as I read, since Rune II did not meet expectations, the new team took over and made a polished version of this sequel called Rune II Decapitation Edition.

I’m not a fan of RPGs, I’m not someone who spent a lot of hours playing a certain series, but I know how to smell clichés, and in this series it hits really strong.

As someone who didn’t know what to expect, since I hadn’t played previous Rune series but was just reading other reviews, I entered the game with an open mind, with no expectations.

When I say clichés, I mostly mean the story in the game. In Rune 2 you are a dead warrior who has come to life again with the task of destroying Loki and his zealots. You were revived by the god Heimdall and of course you are the only one who can prevent evil. Of course, through the game you meet people who will help you as well you also build your skills to become the supreme warrior.

Following the story is not so simple for the reason that not so much attention is paid to it. I don’t think it’s well arranged, for example, at the beginning of the game, you listen to the God Heimdall telling you what is happening and what is your job, while at the same time practical tasks and commands in the game appear on the screen, it’s simply impossible to follow both things at the same time.

So, I didn’t really paid attention to a very slow & boring voice acting as instead I tried to complete the tasks I was given on the screen.

Before you start single player, you can, as in most RPGs, create your own character, and customizing your own character in this game is kinda poor. The options for creating your character are to choose between male or female, and on your character you can only choose his hair, complexion, body tattoo, and men’s beard and mustache.

A face of character cannot be changed so that it’s one of the drawbacks of this game. There are of course also 4 difficulties to choose in this RPG; Easy, Normal, Hard and Ragnarok. Ragnarok is that ultimate hardcore difficulty which description is only “Good Luck!”.

In the tutorial, you will realize that your player is so strong that he can knock down a tree from just one axe chop, but beware of trees, since they can also kill you from one fall. When it comes to your character, as in other RPG games, you have points with which you can improve certain attributes. You also have skill points to improve your skills. It is up to you to choose in which direction you will shape your character, as is always the idea in games like this.

There is also a big inventory where you can put a lot of items & wheel hot bar where you can put weapons, runes, food, and so on. You can also craft items, which is now an overused thing in almost every RPG game. You can also build some buildings such as houses, huts, etc.

All you need to do is gather enough resources and spam the E on the keyboard and watch the house build itself. It’s interesting how there are things in the game that are phenomenally done and then you find things that are done as if some solo project of some beginner is in question. It can be said that it is more interesting and satisfying to find rare items and weapons in the game and simply use them in combat than to actually follow the story.

When it comes to the combat system, it’s not bad but it’s not perfect either, hit detection is quite inconsistent. I don’t really enjoy melee fights in this game, and dodging is also very hard.

In the first region when I was the game worked at a solid 60 frames per second, however, as soon as I made the raft and went to the second region, since I don’t have the best computer, the game started to lag a lot, although nothing drastically changed as far as graphics are concerned. So we can say that the game is not very optimized.

The graphics in this game are solid to say the least. On high graphics, the details are done perfectly, but I think those details are the only thing that brings out the average when it comes to graphics. I think that the colors are too kind of grayish, and that at some moments the graphics are reminiscent of the one from GTA 4. Everything below high resolution looks even worse.

As for the sound, the only complaint is the voice acting, sometimes it can be very irritating, especially because it can’t be skipped, even when I walk away from the NPC, I still have to listen to its stupid and irrelevant poems that he came up with.

Honestly, the game doesn’t appeal to me, there are just a lot of things that could have been done much better. I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks so. But, of course, there is always room for improvement so I would really like to see that in this game title.


  • A variety of weapons, magic, etc
  • Gathering and crafting stuff is always fun
  • Has CO-OP mode


  • Unoptimized graphics
  • Bad AI
  • Annoying voice acting
  • Sometimes boring gameplay


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