Tannenberg – PC Review

After a good success of the game called Verdun, developer M2H along with Blackmill Games decided to create another historical war game that is called Tannenberg, an online first-person shooter which, unlike its older brother, was held on the Eastern Front.

For all fans of historical events such as wars, you can learn a lot through this game. This game contains the wars on the Eastern Front between 1914 and 1918, and although you might be expecting a story mode, this game only features an online mode.

This unique war simulator is now available on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux & Mac OS.

Unlike other shooting video games, the developers of this game series wanted to make something more realistic, something that will set the Tannenberg apart from other FPS games.

As we know there are a lot of war games out there, inspired by World Wars or maybe some other wars, but how realistic are they? Are they even close to the reality of war? Developers of Tannenberg have succeeded to create a hardcore, challenging game that has a real war feel.

The Tannenberg game contains literally all the rifles from the First World War, realistic troop uniforms that change depending on the battle and which are really in large numbers. There are also 9 maps that contain random weather variations (foggy, snowy, sunny…) and day/night cycle.

But what adorns this game the most is that the bullets are more respected. With one hit in the body, you can solve the enemy quite easily from literally any distance. Trying to shoot a few pixels far, far away is surely hard but the satisfying feeling after you succeed is irreplaceable!

The maps are really big and they are undoubtedly inspired by the locations of the places on the Eastern Front, so they contain a real war environment. The feeling when you enter the game is quite immersive, hearing the gunshots everywhere and trying to find the enemy before they find you.

The main task is to shoot the guys who don’t have a circle above their head (teammates have a circle) and to try to survive as long as you can. Given the environment and the territory in which the battle takes place, sometimes it is really difficult to spot the enemy and where he is shooting at you, a couple of times it happened to me that the enemy was very close to me and I did not notice him.

It is very easy to climb a hill and find yourself on an easy target of every enemy, therefore, you have to watch your direction and think carefully about each step. Moving in the game is very simple, the terrain does not affect the movement much and that is why it is very easy to climb something.

The advantage of the field, ie the position you are in, is very important in this game, probably more than in other FPS games. Therefore, it is very important not to be in a place where you will be an easy target.

The game does not contain skins, does not contain any battle-pass, has no DLCs, is free of microtransactions and this is very rare as far as today’s gaming world is concerned. Some may not like it, and some may adore Tannenberg for it, a paradise for people who can’t stand microtransactions. The only thing you can do is get into a match and shoot, that’s the whole philosophy.

But, Tannenberg contains a ton of achievements, levels and medals that you can reach and unlock, but again, the only things you can get from it are Steam cards that you can sell or convert to steam XP to increase the LVL on your Steam profile.

Each player on the server can distinguish only in their skills in FPS games. Of course, no matter how good you are in games like this or in a certain match, you are just an ordinary soldier who contributes to the whole army, which means that you can easily find yourself in a team of worse players and thus lose the match.

When comes in terms of a game modes, there are 3 of them. Maneuver stands out the most, since it is the most playful of them all. In Maneuver there can be max 64 players (32 vs 32 and only for PC!), their mission is to drain the enemy points by capturing territories, as well as to defend own territories by the enemies. Each side has 2000 points at the beginning and 40 minutes of playtime.

The team that gets to zero points or has less points than the other team after 40 minutes, will lose the game. In Maneuver there are bots that are there to fill the slot of players if there are not already enough real players, thanks to them, the number of people on both sides is equal.

The main problem this game faces is the lack of players, and I think everyone who plays it thinks the same. The game is hardcore, there are a lot of great features and the developers give free updates. But I also think that one of the reasons is because the game doesn’t have a significant ranked system that would single out solo players.

Only a group of 4 people, that is, squads, can progress if they constantly play together. So, in a way, this game is recommended to be played with friends.

The remaining two game modes are called Attrition and Rifle Deathmatch. Attrition is a classic team deathmatch and Rifle Deathmatch is a free-for-all deathmatch.

Unfortunately, the game is having a lack of players so most of the times there will no players in those two game modes.

As I said, the game does not contain a story-mode, which means that the only thing you can play is online or even hosting your private match with bots or friends.

As for the graphics, it is made completely correctly and optimized so that even slightly weaker computers can run the game without any problems. The ambience of war is really complete, both visually and audibly.

It is interesting how various sounds of weapons and soldiers in the distance can be heard on an empty server, maybe it’s a little bit confusing, but at least we know which part completes that gameplay experience when the server has a lot of players.

The game is complete, and despite being hardcore, unlike some games, it is very relaxed. Relaxed in the sense that there is no tension, nervousness, or responsibility.

You can comfortably hop into one server and play for 3 hours, so the game is quite immersive as well. I enjoy the satisfying feeling when I quickly make a kill-streak or when I shoot somebody from a long distance.

And in the end, I have to say that the game is great as it is and I had a great time playing it.


  • Hardcore and Immersive
  • No microtransactions
  • 64 player slots
  • Realistic weapons & uniforms


  • Small number of players
  • No story-mode
  • No tanks
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