Trailer and shots of “Two Hundred Ways” released

Today, Sunlight Games has released the trailer of “Two Hundred Ways” as well as new screenshots. The game-site on Steam was launched today too.

The game will be released soon for PC, Xbox One Consoles, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch™.

“One Hundred Ways” presented 100 puzzle challenges to players: they had to steer a ball to its goal. And that was not always as easy as it might sound. “Two Hundred Ways” ups the ante and doubles the number of levels. More than 40 logic-based tools will help players to guide the ball on its correct path. Several tutorial levels help players to get a grip on how to use them and how to play the addictive puzzle game.

About Sunlight Games:

Cologne-based Sunlight Games was founded in 2008 and transformed into a GmbH in May 2013. A team of experienced game designers led by development veteran Marco Sowa creates games of all genres for PC, Mac, mobile and online platforms. Sunlight Games also works for other studios as well as in game porting and localization.

More information at:

The Steam page can be found at:

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