Humanity’s fate is in Your hands: Project Planet crashes the party this September!

Prepare for a seismic shift in party gaming when September comes around. Team up with your friends or plot against them in this 1 vs 5 strategic party game that lets you destroy humanity as Earth, or work together to ensure our survival.


Call your friends and ask them to come over for an earth-shattering good time, as Project Planet – Earth Vs Humanity will land next month, developer Fifth Harbour Studios is excited to announce.

The party begins on the 25th of September on Steam and will be priced at $24.99 and will be available with a 20% launch discount for a limited time.

The idea for the debut game from Dutch developer, Fifth Harbour Studios, was conceived during the pandemic and finds a lot of its inspirations in real-world scenarios. Only this time, you get to play a role in how things play out.

Will you try to get the human population down to 0 as Earth with a virus, asteroid impact or other means of destruction? Or will you team up with up to five friends as the World Leaders, Industry, Media, Scientists and Public, and try to survive?

How to Play

Project Planet – Earth vs Humanity can be played alone, but it’s even more fun with friends! Whether at home on a couch or online through a stream, you can invite up to five friends to join in for FREE. No app or extra controllers necessary! Only one copy needed for your entire party.

Your friends can use any web-enabled device (like a smartphone, tablet or PC) to join the game and play along. Your browser will become your controller. When playing remotely, you can use a video conferencing tool like Zoom, Steam Broadcast, Discord, and more to stream the game. Just don’t forget to enable audio streaming!

Key features

  • Party up! – Enjoy a 1 vs 5 party game where you unleash Earth’s fury or try to survive a wide range of disasters as Humanity. Only one copy is needed to entertain a group of up to 6 players.
  • Pick a side – Destroy Humanity with virus outbreaks, asteroid impacts and more as Planet Earth, or play as one of 5 Humanity roles, each with unique gameplay and impossible dilemmas that come close to real-life parallels.
  • Work together – Use abilities to cooperate with other players, or punish those who don’t act in the group’s (or your own) best interest! But remember to pursue your own goals. In the end, there can only be one winner!
  • No two games are the same – Branching narratives create limitless ways to experience the disasters.


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