V-Hunter Puzzler Dx releasing soon on Steam!


Hunt a plethora of monsters using unique items in a dynamic turn-based grid puzzler! Complete the bite-sized levels in as few turns as possible and help V-Hunter defeat the evil vampire Alric!

Help V-Hunter clear out a wide assortment of monsters in this dynamic turn-based grid puzzler! Tackle over 60 bite-sized levels in 5 different environments. Defeat 15 different enemy types using unique items such as Holy Water, Guns, and Dynamite to help you in your quest!


  • Over 60 levels
  • Utilize 6 items, such as Revolvers, Holy Water, and my personal favorite, Dynamite
  • 15 different enemies with unique behaviors and strategies, including boss fights
  • 6 unlockable costumes, including Cyber-Punk and Jungle Fighter

V-Hunter Puzzler Dx, developed and published by Yatch Studios, will be released very soon, check out the Steam page!

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