Castle Renovator and Lost Dream: Darkness coming soon to Nintendo Switch


Castle Renovator and Lost Dream: Darkness make their debut on Nintendo Switch.

The first game is a unique medieval renovation and building simulator, while the second title is a relaxing walking simulator in which a fox searches for lost light. Castle Renovator will release on April 13th, while the release date for Lost Dream: Darkness has been set for April 14th this year.

Both games were originally released on PC. The development of the Nintendo Switch version and its release are being handled by Ultimate Games S.A. Castle Renovator will be released digitally on Nintendo Switch on April 13th, while the release date for Lost Dream: Darkness has been set for April 14th, 2023.

Castle Renovator

Developed by Polish studio Pyramid Games S.A. (known for such titles as Rover Mechanic Simulator and Occupy Mars: The Game), the game is a simulator in which the player takes on the role of a medieval renovator and builder. The players perform various tasks (including cleaning, repairing, and decorating buildings), while being able to expand their settlement almost at will.

Castle Renovator features several different locations, including castles, palaces, mansions, barns, and even pirate ships. As you progress and develop, you also gain access to more tool types of tools and additional skills. The developers have placed great emphasis on options that allow players to freely construct and destroy various objects.

Castle Renovator is also available on PC as Castle Flipper and on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Lost Dream: Darkness

Developed by the independent Morning Shift Studios, the game is a relaxing walking simulator with a stylized aesthetic and an atmospheric soundtrack. In Lost Dream: Darkness, you play as a fox living in a world that’s been suddenly consumed by darkness, embarking on a dream-like journey in search of lost light.

Gameplay in Lost Dream: Darkness is driven by simple controls, and the journey will take the player across diverse locations – from mountain peaks to dark forests. The game’s developers stress that it does not offer a save option, but the entire adventure shouldn’t take more than two hours.

Lost Dream: Darkness is also available on PC.


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