Discover HAWKED, a New Extraction Shooter Entering Free Open Beta


Publisher and developer MY.GAMES has announced that HAWKED, their new extraction shooter, is heading into Open Beta. Starting from August 3 until August 17, HAWKED will be available in Open Beta on PC via Steam and the MGLauncher.

A console and PC cross-play Open Beta is also scheduled, with more details to be announced at a later date.

Open Beta kicks off the HAWKED journey, which launches with Issue #0. As the game progresses, new Issues will be released that evolve the narrative of the game alongside large new seasonal content updates. The Renegade Pass #0 will be provided for free to all players that join the Open Beta. Any exclusive cosmetics they unlock on this battle pass will be theirs to keep permanently (regular game progression will be reset when the game is fully launched).

HAWKED is an extraction-shooter in which teams of three players race to collect and extract Artifacts from a remote island called X-Isle. Players (also known as Renegades) compete against each other to secure and extract Artifacts that can only be reached by fighting monsters, other players, solving puzzles and avoiding traps.

The first team to successfully extract Artifacts from the island wins the session. To ensure that every session is rewarding, players can also extract smaller treasures, and leave the island (dead or alive) with useful currency they can spend on improving their character.

Customize Renegades

HAWKED offers deep character customization. With a huge suite of apparel pieces, hairstyles and colors to visually customize their characters, players can mix-and-match Artifacts, gear, and boosters to create their ultimate treasure hunter and attune their gameplay to their preferred style.

Gear Up 

Artifacts can be equipped once found on the island. They offer passive bonuses such as the ability to turn into a bush when crouching or offering a sixth sense for nearby enemies. HAWKED currently has 21 types of Artifacts. Players can combine three at the same time, and all Artifacts can be found and upgraded in multiple levels of rarity.

Players can use them along with 14 types of gear such as boomerangs, deployable covers, a scouting falcon, and more, offering a wide range of customization options and gameplay styles. Gears and Artifacts are upgraded using currency gathered from selling and/or dismantling treasure on the Riftwake, the game’s social space. From sneaky assassins, to team focussed support, in HAWKED players can take their ideal Renegade onto the island.

A Dynamic Island

Players must explore X-Isle, a recently-discovered treasure trove filled with loot. However, the nefarious, scaly Disciples have also laid claim to the island, and will not give up their conquest so easily. X-Isle is an enormous dynamic map, with each session challenging players to compete on different parts of the island. Its treasures and Artifacts are hidden in boobytrapped temples and ruins throughout.

Players will also need to bring their wits to bear by solving puzzles to open doors and unlock important treasure troves. Matches will feature dynamic events such as an enormous Disciple carrying a treasure-filled howdah on its back. This boss must be defeated to secure its Artifacts. Over time, X-Isle will evolve through updates, limited-time events, and seasonal launches.

More news about the full launch of HAWKED on PC and other platforms will arrive in the near future. The Open Beta will be available via Steam and the MGLauncher on PC from August 3 until August 17. The latest news and updates will be shared on the game’s official website and social channels.


MY.GAMES is a leading European publisher and developer headquartered in Amsterdam, with more than one billion registered users worldwide. The company develops games for mobile, PС and console platforms. War Robots, Hustle Castle, Rush Royale, Left to Survive, and many other games are produced by MY.GAMES. The company unites over a dozen development studios, a strong team of specialists working together from across the globe. For more information, please visit

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