Jack Phoenix’ art comes to life in Sakeworld, a side-scrolling beat ‘em up where LA rappers save the world from aliens


When tragedy strikes, what do you do? You honor the dead – and continue their work.

That’s what film composer Nick Phoenix did after his son Jack was stricken by a fleeing vehicle during a police chase in 2015. Nick gathered all of the amazing art Jack had produced during his life, started apparel brand Sake Forever, and now has completed Sakeworld – with help from Meta 3D Studios.

Sakeworld is launching on consoles for the very first time with a PS5/PS4 release this Friday, February 24.

In this beat ‘em up powered by the incredible art of Jack Phoenix and music by artists including Trippie Redd, D Savage, Chief Keef, Rucci and Yung Bans, rappers are tasked with saving the streets from alien invaders – and the most powerful crime syndicates on Earth.

Enter the alternate reality of “Sakeworld.” Face off against the Grim Reaper, demon babies, infected gang members, and an undead reindeer. Punch through a crowd. Empty a clip. Keep a cool head in this weird alternate dimension or get smoked.

Beat ‘em up, bounce to the beat, and be smart about it – because things are about to get seriously weird in Sakeworld.

Sakeworld - Baby

  • Fight your way through 26+ levels and 9 unique environments featuring La Brea, Venice Beach, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Tracks, Beijing, North Pole, Tokyo, Hell, and Planet Sake.
  • Play as your favorite rapper: Trippie Redd, D Savage, Chief Keef, Rucci or Yung Bans!
  • Enjoy exclusive music from Chief Keef, D Savage, Fenix Flexin, Yung Bans, 600 Breezy, Rucci, White John, Yung Weej, Grizzy, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Drakeo The Ruler, Swaye, Chike, and Kilo.
  • Get situated with easy mode if you’re new to fighting games.
  • Test your might with Boss Rush mode for the ultimate Sakeworld challenge!

Sakeworld - Planet Sake

Sakeworld will be available on PlayStation – both PS5 and PS4 – Friday, February 24 for $11.99. The game is also available on iOS and Android.

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