Dungeonborne Announces Final Playtest ahead of Early Access Release

The upcoming fantasy extraction RPG which surged to the top of the Steam Next Fest charts will host a closed playtest on July 3rd, giving dungeon-crawlers a final opportunity to test their mettle ahead of the game’s Early Access launch.


Mithril Interactive, the studio behind the highly anticipated class-based fantasy extraction RPG Dungeonborne, is thrilled to announce an upcoming playtest.

This playtest will start on July 3rd, giving players an exclusive opportunity to experience the game’s latest updates and improvements based on community feedback. Those eager to secure a spot in the Closed Playtest can request access on Steam

A Fresh Take on Fantasy Dungeon Delving

Dungeonborne emerged as a fan-favourite during Steam Next Fest earlier this year, with its unique blend of PvPvE dungeon crawling and high-stakes extraction gameplay. Set against the backdrop of a hauntingly gritty gothic world, players can brave treacherous dungeons either as lone adventurers or by banding together in small groups, all in pursuit of treasure. The traditional dungeon delve is taken to new heights with genre-defying mechanics. An unforgiving “all-or-nothing” extraction system forces players to make the daring choice: risk it all by venturing deeper for greater rewards, or extract early to bank their hard-earned spoils, as one untimely demise means losing everything. Further heightening the tension is the danger of a shrinking safe zone, a twist inspired by the battle royale genre.

A Clash Between Swords and Sorcery

Step into a world where steel and sorcery intertwine in a lethal dance. Dungeonborne’s combat system offers more than a dozen weapon pairings that bring fluidity and depth to each encounter. Engage in high-stakes battles where every parry, block, and riposte can turn the tide, and where skill determines the victor.

From traditional archetypes like Fighter and Priest to newer ones like Pyromancer and Death Knight, each class in Dungeonborne has a unique identity, providing ample room for skill expression and allowing players to find their preferred playstyle. Whether you wield a mighty sword and shield, unleash devastating spells with a lightning staff, or strike from the shadows with dual daggers, you’ll discover a combat system that rewards both tactical depth and sheer enjoyment.

In Dungeonborne, fights are not merely a matter of spamming left-click. Instead, every fight is a complex choreography that includes gap closers, a mix of light and heavy attacks, and crucial blocking and counter-attacking mechanics. For instance, while blocking might counter light attacks effectively, heavy attacks are designed to break through these defences. However, a well-timed “perfect-block” can turn the tables against heavy attacks. Each weapon carries unique traits that, when combined with the game’s diverse class dynamics, result in a combat environment that is not only incredibly fun but also brimming with endless strategic possibilities.

Every class has the potential to outmanoeuvre another, provided you make the right plays at the right moments. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the genre, Dungeonborne’s combat system offers a thrilling and rewarding experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Exciting New Features and Updates

Over the past month, Mithril Interactive has been releasing sneak peeks to show the exciting new features and updates they’ve added based entirely on community feedback gathered during the previous playtest, including:

  • Class balance changes: Pyromancer, Priest, Death Knight, and the Fighter have been balanced, changed, or entirely reworked with new skills, playstyle options, and weapon choices reinforcing their unique class identity. It’s also been hinted that a new class- Druid is making its debut soon.

  • Weapon Overhauls: Sword & Shield, Dual Swords, and the Fire Staff has been rebuilt from the ground up  with brand new animations, move sets, and mechanics.

  • New weapons: The Orb have been introduced, allowing Swords and Maces to release icy waves when paired with the Orb.

Fans of captivating fantasy worlds, challenging gameplay, and unforgettable adventure should secure their place in the closed playtest by requesting access on Steam starting today. For more information on the playtest, follow Dungeonborne on DiscordYoutubeTwitter and the official website.

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