Full summary of everything announced at Yogscast Games Direct


Yogscast Games Direct returned earlier this evening for a night of awesome announcements and a look at upcoming titles from Yogscast Games, including the world premiere reveal of The Holy Gosh Darn, the next game from the creators of Helheim Hassle.

Aces & Adventures – Available Today on Steam
Kicking off with a celebration to mark the launch of Aces & Adventures, Yogscast Games Direct featured an in-depth look at Triple.B.Titles’ enchanting fantasy deckbuilder, available today on Steam. Unlock powerful new traits and upgrade your abilities on a journey to save Cardrasil, the Life Tree, in a fully-narrated fantasy RPG. Carefully craft your deck and use tactical poker-powered attacks to defeat mythical bosses in an immersive, kinetic roguelite adventure. Available now on Steam with a 20% launch discount.

Startenders: Intergalactic Bartending – Available Now on PlayStation VR2
Blast off for an out-of-this-world foray into next-generation VR with Startenders: Intergalactic Bartending, available now as a PlayStation VR2 launch title. Get behind the bar in this immersive arcade-style game to create and serve your own custom drinks to some of the galaxy’s most interesting clientele. Available now on PlayStation VR2 or as a free upgrade to players who own the original PlayStation VR version.

Beyond the Long Night – Release Date Announcement – Launching April 13th on PC
Looking ahead to future titles, Yogscast Games announced that uplifting roguelike adventure Beyond the Long Night will be launching on Steam on April 13th. Outrun a mysterious storm and explore a charming subterranean world full of monsters, secrets and lovable characters all captured within an endless time loop in this captivating new title created by former staff from Frontier Developments.

Hexarchy – Coming to PC in 2023 & published by Yogscast Games – Play the Steam Playtest today!
Yogscast Games announced that it will be publishing 4X deckbuilder Hexarchy when it launches on PC later this year, and revealed that a Steam Playtest is available to download and play today. Developed by Main Tank Software, Hexarchy is a fast-paced strategy game that combines the best elements from deckbuilders, 4X strategy, and hex-based board games, challenging players to build their deck and broaden their empire while fending off rival civilisations in epic battles.

Time to Morp – Coming to PC in 2023 & published by Yogscast Games – Play the Steam Playtest today!
Yogscast Games announced that it will be publishing Time to Morp, an adorable new base-building colony sim coming to PC via Steam later this year, and with a Steam Playtest available to play right now! Explore wholesome new worlds and build a colony of weird and quirky creatures that shapeshift and mutate depending on how you interact with them. Build your base, invent new technologies or automate everything as you explore colourful worlds alone or with friends in this wholesome new 1-4 player colony builder.

The Holy Gosh Darn – World Premiere Reveal – Coming to PC & Consoles in Late 2023
Published by Yogscast Games and revealed for the very first time at Yogscast Games Direct, The Holy Gosh Darn is a brand-new laugh-out-loud action-adventure with a time-travelling twist. Play as the angel Cassiel and strap on your time-travelling watch to jump freely between the past, present and future to prevent an army of Phantoms from overrunning Heaven. Meet a cast of ridiculous characters across dynamically changing locations in a bid to uncover the secret of life, the universe and… well, everything. From the creators of Helheim HassleThe Holy Gosh Darn launches on PC and consoles later this year.

“I’m beyond excited to finally reveal our incredible lineup for 2023 in this evening’s announcement-packed show,” said Simon Byron, Director of Publisher at Yogscast Games. “With brand-new games and playtests available for players to jump into straight away, including a deeply compelling fantasy deckbuilder with today’s launch of Aces & Adventures, we hope everyone who joined us for the stream loves what we have in store.”

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