Men of War II deploys Multiplayer Tech Test – jump into the action!


Fulqrum Publishing and Best Way today announce that a multiplayer tech test for the highly-anticipated real time strategy title Men of War II, is now available to download for free via Steam.

The test will be running from Thursday, March 23 (3pm PDT / 6pm EDT / 10pm UTC) until Monday, March 27 (10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC).

Announced during the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase, the multiplayer tech test is the first time Men of War II has been publicly playable. The test features four multiplayer modes (of seven that will feature in the full game) and five varied maps, in addition to a set of nine single player tutorial missions that will take players from the basics through to advanced gameplay mechanics and systems.

Players will be able to choose from the 1st Infantry, 1st Tank or 1st Artillery battalion from the Soviet, German and U.S. armies, allowing them to try out over 80 units from the full game’s total roster of over 300. Each battalion features its own gameplay style and unique strategic opportunities resulting in a deeply rewarding experience that is easy to pick up, but difficult to master. Furthermore, the full game will feature individual battalion customisation and additional unit unlocks via in-game progression, expanding the level of control players have on the battlefield.

The tech test includes only a small sample of the content Men of War II will feature on release, but already proves the depth and variety of gameplay and dedication to historical accuracy that will make it the most immersive depiction of World War II battles in franchise history. The four multiplayer modes available during the tech test are as follows:

  • Combat – a classic Men of War mode featuring an all-out brawl between two teams. Victory goes to the team that can destroy the most enemy units, while keeping their own most valuable units alive. (Available on the Borovaya River and The Winter March maps).
  • Assault Zones – opposing players go head-to-head to earn victory points by capturing and holding strategic points on the map. (Available on the Bazerville and Borovaya River maps).
  • Front Line – a brand new, strategic mode, that sees teams using infantry to push their Front Line into enemy territory resulting in a tense tug-of-war style match-up in which teamwork is paramount. (Available on all five maps).
  • Incursion – an asymmetric game mode utilising the Front Line mechanic, in which one team needs to capture a number of highlighted zones held by the opposing team. (Only available on The Coast map).

Men of War II will feature 22 multiplayer maps when it launches later this year, until then players can experience the following five maps in the tech test:

  • Bazerville – a map with very little elevation, easy to navigate, open terrain, only sporadically peppered with lone buildings. Ideal for long-range fighting or exploiting weaknesses with fast-moving units.
  • Borovaya River – a very rugged map, featuring many hills and valleys in its terrain. The map is split in half by a large river, giving players many tactical options to try out and experiment with.
  • Farmland – a complex map that at first glance seems deceptively simple due to its flat terrain with no elevation to speak of. This rural environment features many farmsteads and even greenhouse buildings, as well as deep ponds with narrow crossings, creating natural chokepoints for heavy vehicles.
  • The Coast – while there is no naval combat present in Men of War II, in this map the sea plays a role, as it takes a significant part of the map, leaving a narrow strip of flat, level land to fight over.
  • The Winter March – set in harsh winter conditions, this map combines rolling countryside terrain features with many village buildings showcasing the destructible environment elements of Men of War II and forcing players to utilise smart positioning to get a clear line of fire on their enemies.

Enlisting in the tech test is simple; players need to head over to the Men of War II Steam store page where they will have the option to ‘Request Access’ for a Men of War II Playtest – doing so will grant instant access to the multiplayer build.

Once downloaded, players can battle it out in 1v1 up to 5v5 matchups via custom lobbies or PvP matchmaking. The former offers full customisation over the game mode, map and team sizes, as well as private, password protected lobbies. While the latter will automatically group players by their real-world location and ranking based on their past games, and set them up in Front Line mode.

Men of War II will be available for PC via SteamEpic Games Store and other digital stores in 2023.

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