New Demo announced for ‘Supermoves’ – ‘Mirror’s Edge’ meets ‘Fall Guys’ in the Ultimate Parkour Showdown on PC


Get ready to challenge your limits and unleash your inner parkour master – Makea Games today announce a new playable demo for Supermoves!

The demo will be available from June 10th, starting with its debut at Steam Next Fest. In addition, the studio is also proud to announce their partnership with Finnish musician Olli Heino who has composed an original soundtrack for the game.

The ultimate action sports experience, Supermoves throws players into a thrilling world of freerunning with eight exhilarating game modes for an unforgettable multiplayer party. Go head-to-head with up to 40 players in heart-stopping races and last-man-standing battles, such as Sprints, Circuits, avoiding the Rising Tide and clashing in the explosive PvP Bomb Tag – all with a parkour twist.

You can chain any game mode together into a playlist-based Royale or Tournament. Gain a competitive edge by honing your skills in the single-player Career Mode to become the supreme freerunning champion!

Beyond the thrilling race action, ignite your creativity with the Makea Editor. This intuitive feature empowers players of all skill levels to become game creators, building anything from pulse-pounding races to chill hangout spots. Choose from a diverse selection of eight game modes and multiple environments to seamlessly integrate them into your level and create your own competitions. Publish your creations to the ever-expanding Supermoves universe, a vibrant online hub showcasing player-created content for the whole community to experience.

From the adrenaline-fueled excitement of competition to the creative sandbox of the Makea Editor, Supermoves fully immerses players into the game world through the entrancing music of Finnish musician Olli Heino and engaging sound design by Red Stage Entertainment. Olli Heino’s original score blends rhythm, rock and synth to create a captivating and ambient gaming experience.

The soundtrack will be available as part of the Deluxe Edition upon launch.

Of this collaboration Tomi Toikka CEO & Creative Director at Makea Games commented: “Music is a vital part of the parkour experience in Supermoves. With Olli, we managed to find an extraordinary partner who not only deeply understood our vision for the game, but is helping us elevate it throughout the experience with unique music that adapts to every situation in the game.”

Olli Heino added “The opportunity to work in collaboration with Makea Games has been an incredible experience for me. I’m proud and very happy to have been part of the team’s strong and unrelenting vision in creating a thrilling and unique game that is Supermoves.”

Key Game Features: 

  • Freerun Your Way: Master immersive first and third-person parkour mechanics. Grind rails, leap from trampolines, wall run, trapeze and pull off epic flips in a playground of acrobatic possibilities.
  • Massive 40 Player Online Mayhem: Face off against dozens of players in pulse-pounding online matches across eight thrilling game modes across an endless supply of developer and player-created levels.
  • Eight Thrilling Game Modes: Brave the ever-growing danger zone in Rising Tide, conquer classic Sprint and Circuit races, or evade the explosive dodgeball in Bomb Tag.  Challenge players to ‘collect them all’ in Loot or showcase your masterful skills in the fan-favorite Obstacle Course. Combine all modes in an epic Battle Royale or a thrilling Tournament to become the ultimate champion.
  • Become the Freerunning Champion: Embark on a single-player Career Mode with classic goal levels, races, and tournaments. Rise from local gyms to breathtaking rooftops in a nostalgic journey that will test your skills to the limit.
  • Build Your Parkour Dreams: The intuitive Makea Editor allows you to easily craft your own parkour playgrounds, races, or chill hangout spots. Remix any level or create your own for any game mode and publish for the whole community to play. The possibilities are limitless.

To get a taste of the action and join the growing community already crushing leaderboards ahead of the demo release, players have just over a week left to request access to the exclusive Supermoves playtest on Steam which ends on May 24th.

The new Supermoves demo will be available via Steam from June 10th following its debut at Steam Next Fest.

It’s not just a game, it’s a movement… Never stop running!

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