Space Farming Mech Adventure Lightyear Frontier Announces Launch in Early 2024

FRAME BREAK and Amplifier Game Invest unveil a new multiplayer gameplay session for Lightyear Frontier, alongside announcing a launch window of Early 2024, at the Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2023


FRAME BREAK and Amplifier Game Invest have today unveiled a new gameplay session for their peaceful, open-world farming adventure Lightyear Frontier at the Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2023.

The video reveals how up to four players can come together, build and explore in a faraway land of mystery and wonder. Also revealed was the launch window for the game, set to hit Early Access in Early 2024 on Xbox Series S/X and PC.

Lightyear Frontier offers budding exofarmers a peaceful opportunity to explore a strange and beautiful new planet, setting down a homestead and building a successful farm as they live in harmony with the environment.

The world will live and respond to players’ actions as up to four can cohabit on the same planet, roaming around in fully customisable mechs, building and exploring together.

Exofarmers must learn to coexist with the planet, uncover ancient secrets and develop a successful farm as they build the homestead of their dreams in their small corner of the galaxy.

  • Play alone or with friends – As they say, many hands make light work! Exofarmers can play solo or with up to 3 friends online, discovering the interplanetary neighbourhood and befriending their off-planet neighbours. Lightyear Frontier will also support cross-play between console and PC, bringing more opportunities to work with other players
  • Build and farm in this new world – Set down a homestead and build it up with a number of unique structures. Exofarmers can team up with friends to help nurture a prosperous farm, protecting crops from various hazards for an abundant harvest.
  • Explore a vast new planet – The Frontier is full of landmarks and mysteries, complete with various biomes to discover and ruins to explore, solo or with a full expedition party
  • Live in harmony with the Frontier – Gather and grow resources, for crafting and sharing with other players or trading with the Merchant, while carefully managing the natural ecosystem to create a sustainable lifestyle
  • Make your Mech your own – Exofarmers can customise and upgrade their mech with an assortment of unique upgrades and components, both functional and cosmetic, allowing everyone to express their unique style across the galaxy
Lightyear Frontier arrives in Early 2024 on Xbox Series S/X and PC, as well as on Xbox Game Pass.

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