Stolen Realm Brings Innovative Turn-Based RPG Action To PC, Xbox & Switch

New World Map update out today signals first stop on the road to full release for highly praised tactical title


Burst2Flame are pleased to announce that their simultaneous turn-based tactical RPG, Stolen Realm, will be exiting its Early Access phase and releasing on PC, Xbox and Switch in Q2 2023.

The studio today also released the new World Map Update, removing the transition between the map and battles and introducing three brand new areas to the game, along with a host of other additions and improvements.

Praised by the likes of Shroud and Sacriel for the flexibility of its class customisation and a design that avoids RPG bloat, Stolen Realm takes the deep tactical systems of RPGs like Divinity: Original Sin and gives it a unique twist.

Simultaneous turns allows all members of the player and enemy team to take their actions at once, creating the kinds of fast-paced encounters you’d typically find in action RPGs, without sacrificing the strategic richness that turn-based RPG fans love.

Stolen Realm features a highly customisable class system that allows you to create traditional RPG classes or break the mould to forge a unique champion of your own. Make a spell-slinging assassin, a priest born of frost, or a shadow-infused knight as you draw from a pool of over 300 possible skills. With over 700 items to loot, each fully customisable with modifiers, there’s even more  opportunity to change the way you play: wield Abbadon the Soul Crusher, a mythic mace that raises slain enemies as skeletal warriors to fight for you, or unsheath the Bloodletter, a cursed sword that grants additional power at the cost of your lifeblood. D&D-like special events where attribute-based rolls will have permanent effects on your character add yet another layer to building a character that is truly your own in a title that keeps a constant stream of compelling choices at the forefront of your experience.

With the release of the latest update, a world that changes with every expedition you undertake – either alone or with up to six players together via Stolen Realm’s friction free drop-in/drop-out co-op system –  gets even bigger. Delve deep into the forgotten ruins of the once great Dwarven Halls, adventure into the untamed wilds of the Emerald Jungle and uncover the mysteries of the Sunken Swamplands, facing all new foes like creeping spiders, giant scorpions and Great Wyrms along the way. The transition between the world map and battles is now gone – now you can take your fight directly to enemies on the world map.

A full list of the features added in the new World Map Update can be found here.

“We hope players enjoy the new content we’ve released today in the World Map Update and can’t wait for the full release of Stolen Realm on PC, Xbox and Switch in Q2 2023,” said developer Jason Jolley. “Our goal with Stolen Realm is to focus on the core appeal of RPGs. We want to ensure players are always in combat, looting and making interesting choices, with the freedom to drop-in with friends whenever they want thanks to automatic scaling. It’s been a real pleasure to see how well that concept has connected with our community during the Early Access phase and we’re looking forward to more people being able to experience the game come release”.


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