The demo for My Summer Adventure: Memories of Another Life, a new romantic anime novel, is now available on Steam

Indie developer Alkinoy is happy to report that the demo for My Summer Adventure: Memories of Another Life is now available on Steam as part of Next Fest! Become the protagonist of a romantic novel and have your own magical summer adventure!
Steam page.

In the demo version of My Summer Adventure: Memories of Another Life, you’ll become a Japanese university student for one day. This seemingly mundane beginning comes with a twist: just the day before, the protagonist was an average guy from Tallinn, Estonia. After taking a nap on the train, he woke up as a different person — and in a different country to boot.

Now, our hero will have to live through a few unforgettable days as Akira Kojima (no relation) and meet a few charming girls. Will this little summer adventure change his life forever? Maybe not just his?


  • Multiple endings
  • The choices you make over these four days will lead to one of 10 possible endings. How will your story end?
  • Win hearts, or break them
  • You’ll meet two pretty girls, each with their own backstory, feelings and worries. Kyoko is your open and kind-hearted girl next-door, always ready to help. Haruko is the opposite: she is brazen, even rude, and her true personality is a mystery for the protagonist to unravel. Your job is to decide who you will open up to!
  • Colorful anime scenery
  • Many detailed backgrounds and illustrations will immerse you into the atmosphere of a romantic anime and fill you with nostalgia for your school days, warm summers and adventures of the heart!

The full version of the game is still in development, soon to be available on Steam and the 101XP portal.

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