Urban Flow and Baltoro Games debut on Steam


Bring harmony into the chaos of street traffic in this chill action puzzle game. Urban Flow is a game about (avoiding) Traffic Disasters.

This fun puzzle game that you know from Nintendo Switch and Xbox is finally coming to PC!

Who is it for?

With Urban Flow we have aimed for moderate and enjoyable difficulty both for core and casual players. You can play games alone, or with your friends, you can finish every stage on 1, 2 or 3 stars.

Urban Flow is a game about the subtle beauty of city streets filled with cars moving in perfect harmony… That means no crashes, no jams. Everything will run perfectly – as long as you stay focused!

Switch lights, keep the city safe. Urban Flow is aimed for fans of action puzzles, good single player content, local multiplayer games and urban music.

Remember the date: Urban Flow is coming to Steam on 1st of June!


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