Disney Speedstorm Early Access Hits the Track on PC & Consoles Today

The Monsters, Inc. crew are ready to scare Founder’s Pack owners with their monstrous driving skills in Disney Speedstorm’s opening Season


Today Gameloft, a leader in the development and publishing of games, announced Disney Speedstorm, the cross-platform combat racing experience developed by Gameloft Barcelona in collaboration with Disney and Pixar Games, is now available in Early Access with the purchase of a Founder’s Pack.

Combat racing fans can “clash and crash” with Disney and Pixar racers across challenging tracks inspired by their unique film worlds beginning today on Nintendo Switch™, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation®4 (PS4™), PlayStation®5 (PS5™) and PC.

Disney Speedstorm Founder’s Packs – available in Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate tiers – are now available worldwide on the PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store, and Steam. In addition to Early Access to Disney Speedstorm, Founder’s Pack owners will also receive exclusive bonus items to offer players a fresh and exciting experience geared specifically for racing.

Starting today, Founder’s Pack owners can race into single-player and multiplayer local and online modes, claim their spot on the leaderboards, kit out their racers with gear from the in-game shop and much more. In single-player mode, players can participate through the Season Tour narrative, which also serves as a jumping-off point to progress through each Season’s story.

Each season offers new Disney and Pixar characters, karts, tracks, and more through local and online gameplay, giving racers plenty to be excited for when new seasons are introduced every 6-8 weeks. More competitive players can jump into Disney Speedstorm’s multiplayer modes, which include Local Freeplay, Private Track, Ranked Multiplayer, and Regulated Multiplayer – a race mode that allows players to compete head-to-head on an even playing field.

In the Local Freeplay mode, players can jump into single player or local multiplayer races with access to every launch racer (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Megara, Hercules, Belle, the Beast, Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann, Mowgli, Baloo, Mulan, Shang, Celia Mae, Mike Wazowski, Sulley, Randall Boggs, and Figment) without needing to unlock them first!

The launch of Early Access also kicks off the game’s very first Golden Pass Season, which offers season-based challenges players can progress through to earn free- and premium-tier seasonal rewards every 6-8 weeks. Season 1 introduces the Monsters, Inc. crew – including Sulley, Mike Wazowski, Randall Boggs, and Celia Mae – as unlockable Racers along with a track inspired by the Monsters, Inc. films called “The Factory.”

There is a lot of content to unlock by playing the different Disney Speedstorm game modes, and Golden Pass Season owners are given extra opportunities to earn fragments for Racers and Crew Members, items to improve the stats of a racer’s collection, and options to customize their roster including outfits, vehicle liveries, wheels, victory poses, and much more.

“We couldn’t be more excited for the launch of Disney Speedstorm and appreciate all of the positive messages we received from the community since its unveiling,” said Alexandru Adam, VP & Studio Manager, Gameloft Barcelona. “We spent the past months putting the final touches to one of the most exciting titles in our studio’s history. Moreover, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have plenty of new content revving up that will hit the track in the coming weeks!”

“Our goal is to create fantastic games for our fans by working with experts across genres, and we’ve been working closely with the teams at Gameloft to craft an exceptionally fun, accessible and deep racing experience,” said Luigi Priore, VP, Disney, Pixar & 20th Century Games. “Seeing Disney and Pixar characters locked in high-speed competitive racing combat sets a new stage for Disney and Pixar fans and our games with the launch of the highly anticipated Disney Speedstorm.”

Disney Speedstorm Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate Founder’s Pack Editions are now available for purchase, starting at $29.99/€29.99. Each pack includes access to the base game, immediate tiered racer unlocks, an additional racer of their choosing unlocked, in-game currency, exclusive in-game cosmetic items, exclusive Player Profile Avatar and a Motto for customization, and Golden Pass Credits that can be used by players to unlock the premium tier of the Golden Pass.

Steam users that purchase Disney Speedstorm during its launch week will receive a First Week Bonus of the Early Bird kart livery and racing suit for Donald Duck. This launch week bonus gives Steam users the opportunity to gain these items that were made available during the console versions’ pre-order phase.

Visit Disney Speedstorm at to learn more about the game’s Early Access content, tokens, and more.

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