Blade Assault is Now Live on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch


PM Studios is thrilled to announce that Blade Assault, the action-packed 2D side-scrolling cyberpunk rogue-lite from Team Suneat, is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

After the devastating Red Stone War, the world is divided into three regions: the mutant-infested outside grounds, the Undercity where people have fled to seek refuge from mutants, and the sky city Esperanza where the rich and powerful rule over the world. Fight against the corrupt military of Esperanza as part of the resistance force of the Undercity. Bring the corrupt to justice by becoming stronger and fighting alongside your trusty comrades!

The console version features all of the great content previously released for the PC version, such as:

  • Three playable characters, each with their own unique play style and signature weapons
  • Enhanced weapons to turn them into beasts capable of shredding through the world’s monsters
  • 200 different items from Cores to Gears
  • Battle your way through seven challenging bosses
  • Use the Friendship System to develop relationships and earn rewards from NPCs
  • Complete the game to unlock the Assault Level – test your might against endless waves of hard-mode enemies

In addition, the physical edition of Blade Assault comes complete with a stunning postcard and sticker sheet while supplies last! The physical version will be available at all major retailers.

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